Lost a foot because of a cancer the woman told about the first symptoms of an illness

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The inhabitant of the British village of Kings-Langley, County of Hertfordshire, transferred amputation of a foot and told about the first symptoms of a cancer. About it reports newspaper "The Independent". 76-year-old Parnell Shirley underwent foot amputation because of a rare form of a cancer. For the first time she noticed anklebone hypostasis in July, 2022. Then the woman did not suspect that it is the first symptom of a dangerous illness. She told that the right anklebone pain was the first symptom of a cancer on a foot. "My anklebone started a little anew to swell up, and I thought that hit about something, but then I noticed a tumor" — she explained. The British specified that with...
Parnell Shirley
Cheremushkin Eugenie