Dzhud Victor William Bellingem: Tony Kroos always prizemlyaet a ball there where it wants

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The halfback of the Madrid "Real" Dzhud Victor William Bellingem admired the clubmate Tony Kroos. "Tony Kroos — the master. The ball always lands there where it wants. Was one pleasure to observe game Tony Kroos from outside, and now — to be near it" — told Dzhud Victor William Bellingem to "Real" press service. Tony Kroos act for creamy since 2014. In a line-up he won 20 trophies, including four UEFA Champions League. The German also is a champion on number of victories in the Club World Cup (six titles) and An UEFA supercup on soccer (five). Earlier it was reported that Tony Kroos and Luca Modric convinced Gyuler Ard...