"Your white house" – exhibition Tatyana Badanin in Museum AZ

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Tatyana Badanin rely on the Russian vanguard, forcing the viewer to remember that Tatlin's transparent volume designs, strict arkhitektony Malevich, Kabakov's white flying canvases. "Your white house" – Akhmatova Anna gave the name to an exhibition Tatyana Badanin. At the heart of the project idea of light as symbol of a spiritual victory of life over death. The place choice where the exposition is presented is symbolical also. From museums AZ on Maroseyka – Sharifullina Alia. For Tatyana Badanin the space always is of great importance. In modern halls does not feel, in sacral places it is possible to be exposed not...
Tatyana Badanin
Last position: Artist, painter, schedule, author of objects and installations
Natalia Opaleva
Last position: Vice chairman of the board (JOINT-STOCK COMPANY JOINT-STOCK COMMERCIAL BANK "LANTA-BANK")
Sergeenko Anna
Akhmatova Anna
Sharifullina Alia