Theatrical evening "Poetry of the Russian word"

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On June 6 in the Russian cultural center in Beijing theatrical evening "Poetry of the Russian word", devoted to Day of Russian took place. A series of the dramatized performances based on works of the Russian classics was brought to attention of guests of the center. Young actors opened for guests of evening the world of the Russian poetry and prose in modern interpretation that the audience fully could take pleasure in classical art and sounding of the Russian poetic syllable. Tearing off evening, the head Representation federal agency for Commonwealth of Independent States, Compatriots living abroad, and on International humanitarian cooperation in People's Republic of China Tamara Kasyanova noted special importance which give in China to Russian teaching as...
Tamara Kasyanova
Last position: Director (Russian Federation culture center в Beijing)
Kasyanov T. L.
Ostrovsky A. N.
Pushkina A. S.
Beijing university
Main activity:Science and education
Chinese national university
Main activity:Science and education
Polytechnic university