The Russian developer of autopilots for tractors and Cognitive Pilot combines started selling them in China and South Africa

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Soderzhaniyeistoriya 2023: The beginning of sales in China and South Africa 2022 Agreement with the Kazakhstan supplier of BHK Agro AG about delivery 100 sets of Cognitive Agro Pilot a year Obtaining the conclusion Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation about confirmation of productions in the territory Russian Federation 2021 Opening of companies to United States of America Entry into the market Kazakhstan the Freezing of the project of creation of autopilots Opening of representations in regions Russian Federation for sales there pilotless agricultural machinery 2020: Cognitive entered in top-50 world agrothat - developers 2019: Public joint-stock company "Sberbank Russia" will receive 30% of the stocks Cognitive Pilot 2017: Allocation of Cognitive Pilot and search investors 2016: Beginning...
 Anna Belova
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