Authors of RoboCop Rogue City on "Robocop" showed 17 minutes of a gameplay

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Polish studio Teyon known on development for Terminator: Resistance, presented a big roller with game process of the forthcoming RoboCop: Rogue City. Authors showed how firefights with enemies will look, movement on locations, prompts with dialogues and other elements of a gameplay. Video is available on YouTube-kanaletry aGame. The rights for video belong to Teyon. The shooter from the first person on "Robocop" will transfer players to Detroit of the future. The main character will be sounded by Ueller Peter who played a role Murphy Alex in a series of movies. It is expected that passing of game will take 20–30 hours. RoboCop: release...
Ueller Peter
Murphy Alex
PlayStation 5
Manufactured by:SIE
Manufactured by:Microsoft