Mobile bench exhibition "Russian teachers and mentors: from Peter I up to now"

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On June 2, 2023 on a platform of Administration of the Chernyakhovsk municipal district Kaliningrad Region sostoyalostorzhestvenny opening of mobile bench historical exhibitions "The Russian teachers and mentors: from Peter I up to now", devoted to the outstanding scientist, teachers and the statesmen, made a powerful contribution to development and formation of an educational system and educations to Russian Federation in the XVIII-XXI centuries Exhibition is prepared within carrying out Year of the teacher and the mentor declared by the Decree President of the Russian Federation by No. 401 of 27.06.2022. As organizers acted Institute...
Anton Alikhanov
Last position: Governor (Government of the Kaliningrad region)
Roman Balashov
Last position: Deputy plenipotentiary (Device of Plenipotentiary of President of the Russian Federation in of the Northwestern Federal District)
Andrey Mikhaylovich Kropotkin
Last position: Head of the district (Administration of the urban district "The city of Kaliningrad")
Slavsky Nicholas