The line from "The captain's daughter" the more than 100 meters long appeared on the embankment in Dubna

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Inhabitants Dubna wrote along Volga Embankment a line from the historical novel Pushkin A. S. "The captain's daughter". Each participant at will wrote chalk the word or a fragment from work. In total fragment from the novel occupied over hundred meters. It is noted that this action thought up the employee Universalnoy of libraries OIYAI D. I. Blokhintsev's name ten years ago. Since then it passes worldwide. Everyone writes with chalk on asphalt the most favourite works Pushkin A. S. or fragments from them. Action took place within the stock "Pushkin in the City" devoted to Pushkin day...
Andrey Vorobyev
Last position: Governor (Government of the Moscow region)
Pushkin A. S.
Main activity:Science and education