Maxime Emiliane Ferstappen: "To operate such car a true pleasure"

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The pilot "Red Bull" Maxime Emiliane Ferstappen summed up the results of "the Grand Prix of Spain". He won race. "To operate such car a true pleasure. I think, today we showed again it. At us today was a set of the most different strategy, the most part of race we led on the correct option strategy. Anyway, a victory here — it something improbable. We spent one more strong week-end, and I and like to see it from myself and from team. I hope, we will be able to continue in the same spirit all year" — Maxime Emiliane Ferstappen Television broadcasting company Sky Sports quote. The second in race the British Louis Carl Devidson Khemilton finished...
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Louis Carl Devidson Khemilton
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