Matmuratov Alexander gave the forecast for fight Artem Reznikov in The Grand Prix final on figure skating the EXPERT

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Subscribe for sports news Kazakhstan and the world of website "Instagram" the Russian fighter of the EXPERT Matmuratov Alexander in interview sport TV channel "Match TV", Edouard Vartanyan has slightly more chances of a victory in a duel with the Kazakhstan citizen Artem Reznikov, Artem Reznikov reports 31‑letny and his age-mate Edouard Vartanyan will carry out fight within Granpri's final of easily scales of the EXPERT on June 16 to Sochi. The winner will get chance to act in title fight, and also will earn for a victory of 200 thousand dollars. In semi-finals Artem Reznikov and Edouard Vartanyan passed Koshkin Andrey and Raisov Yousuf respectively. — It is exclusive my opinion. I...