Transgenders broke scientific debate at Oxford university

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In a smithy of shots of the British elite - legendary Oxford university local representatives of minority held the extremely aggressive action with participation not less than three hundred people. They cried out offensive words to invited to debate at university the British professor of philosophy, defenders of the rights of women Stok Ketlin who considers that gender identity cannot surpass a biological floor. In the fall of 2021 it retired from the post at University Sussex that she called campaign "prosecutions concerning her academic views". Stok Ketlin challenges...
Риши Сунак
Last position: Prime minister (Government of Great Britain)
Joan Rouling (Dzh. K. Rouling)
Last position: Writer, film producer
Stok Ketlin
Оксфордский университет
Main activity:Science and education
University Sussex
Main activity:Science and education