Rapper of Jubilee: "Resident Evil 4 Remake concedes to the original of 2005 approximately in everything"

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The Russian rap performer Kondratenko Nikita, better known under the pseudonym Jubilee, spoke Resident Evil 4 Remake. He shared opinion in Telegram Messenger (resurs narushaet zakon RF). It is published with preservation of spelling and a source punctuation At last hands reached a remake of the fourth rezika. as a whole class. the truth, in difference from a remake of the second part which was obviously better than the original, concedes a remake of RE4 to the original of 2005 approximately in everything music, visual style, statement katstsen, the scenario, design of locations, menus and interfaces, a postscoring — everything lost in charm from obvious pluses only grafon and that is possible...
Kondratenko Nikita