"Bavaria" beat "Cologne", bypassed "Borussia" in the last round and there was the champion Germany

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In final game day of the Bundesliga-2022/23 "Bavaria" achieved a victory over "Cologne" and won a champion title. Dortmund "Borussia" which was in the lead before final round could not overcome the house "Mainz" — 2:2. All matches of the 34th round began at the same time. "Borussia" advanced "Bavaria" in the table on 2 points, but on the 24th minute lost houses "Mainz" with the score 0:2. In the second time dortmundets managed to even the score on the 6th added minute, however for a champion title of it it appeared insufficiently. "Bavaria" was made even to "Borussia" on points and bypassed it on the additional...