In Day of the librarian in Anapa it is cloudy and without rain

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Today, on May 27, on Friday, in Anapa in the morning %2B15... %2B18. In the afternoon %2B19. In the evening %2B19. At night %2B17. It is cloudy, without rain. Wind of 3-6 m/s. Rising 4.51, decline 20.04. • Day of courageous decisions • City Day - Saint Petersburg • Day of the invention sprat • All-Russian day of libraries (Day of the librarian). Name-day is noted by Nikita, Makar, Tikhon, Maxim, Pyotr, Ivan, Mark, Alexander, Leonti. Dmitry Vasiliadi Earlier "the Notebook Anapa" the Anapa fighters won 18 medals on "the Victory Cup". To be aware always of events, subscribe for our Telegram and our sites in social networks: Schoolmates, VKontakte...
Dmitry Vasiliadi
Last position: Minister (Ministry of Transport and Road System of the Republic of Khakassia)