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The KION online movie theater presented a trailer on comedy series "Baby round". The roller appeared on YouTube. The premiere "comedies in situation" will take place on June 1. Action is developed to Russian Federation in the middle of the zero. In the plot center — inhabitants of the settlement Livni. Brisk and purposeful Zinaida earns additionally — sells cosmetics. From Zine's client learns: if to give birth to the child in America, he will automatically obtain nationality of United States of America. Zina tells about it the timid girlfriend Tang, the sister Gele and young Kira – an impudent neformalka with a huge mohawk. She suggests girls to all to become pregnant together and...
Varvara Shmykova
Last position: Actress of theater and cinema
Yegor Druzhinin
Last position: Actor, choreographer, theatrical director
Vasilii Sigarev
Last position: Playwright, film director, screenwriter
Fyodor Stukov
Last position: Creative producer (JOINT-STOCK COMPANY "STS")
Eugenie Aleksandrovich Shumeyko
Last position: The member of the Government of RK, in combination — the mayor of the city district Vorkuta
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