We invite to a basic course Andreev Danjela "Evening and wedding laying"!

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🔥 Final training of this year within "Architecture beauty". In the program: lokony on ploiku express-ringlets on the sredniya iron ̆ a wedding bunch of a nizkiya ̆ a bunch without price markup akvalokony: transformation in a tail and in prichesku a gollivudsky wave krupny ringlets (effect of a brashing) bystry bunches (2-3 displays) a vysoky tail And also: ▪️ Analysis in a stailing, cosmetic brands ▪️ hand Statement ▪️ Pravilnyi ̆ a pile ▪️ Features wedding ̆ pricheski ▪️ Important points prichesok during bad weather ▪️ the Correct fastening ornament ̆ and veils in prichesku ▪️ Anatomy of the person, correction and modeling...
Andreev Danjela