Free from gadgets: 8 celebrities which got rid of the smartphones (or in general never owned them! )

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To leave the house without mobile phones can seem inconceivable for many of us, but some of the largest world celebrities do this every day. Such people as Elton Gerkules John, Edward Christopher Shiran, Thomas Cruise Meypoter IV, Sara Dzhessika Parker and Damon Albarn, admitted that they have no smartphones. Researches show advantages of refusal of portable gadgets, such as decrease in concern, feeling of bigger satisfaction with life and bigger hunting to play sports. Meanwhile, danger of dependence from smartphones includes dream violation, fatigue and negative lines of the personality, such as...
Christopher Jonathan James Nolan
Last position: Film director, screenwriter, film producer
Thomas Cruise Meypoter IV (Tom Cruise)
Last position: Actor, film director, producer, screenwriter
Elton Gerkules John
Last position: Singer, musician, composer
Edward Christopher Shiran
Last position: Amateur performer, composer,\u000aactor
Sara Dzhessika Parker
Last position: Actress, producer, designer