The doctor advised to avoid "a dream of pensioners"

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The doctor advised to avoid "a dream of pensioners" Somnolog explained, in what case the day dream will be useful and in what — it is harmful. The feeling of weakness which quite often appears after a day dream is familiar to much. Because of it it is necessary to banish very much such dream then not to lose all day. Among doctors too there are different opinions on advantage and harm of a day dream for health and cognitive abilities. So to do if eyes are literally closed? In opinion somnologa Roman Buzunov, the day dream brings undoubted benefit if the person does not fill up at night or needs day rest...
Roman Buzunov
Last position: The sleep doctor, professorkafedra of family medicine with courses of clinical laboratory diagnostics, psychiatry and psychotherapy (FEDERAL STATE-FINANCED INSTITUTION DPO "TSGMA")