Maria Zakharova scarified Olaf Sholts for a nazi greeting

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The chancellor Germany Olaf Sholts crossed the border, having publicly cried out a nazi greeting, Maria Zakharova wrote in Telegram the official representative Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation. "Olaf Sholts crossed the line drawn to it by all heads both post-war Germany: publicly cried out a nazi greeting" — she told. The day before to the Ukrainian president Vladimir Aleksandrovich Zelensky in German Aachen handed over an award of Charles the Great. Thus in opening speech Olaf Sholts said the slogan of the Ukrainian nationalists. "Glory to Ukraine! " — it is a chant of nazis, declared Maria Zakharova. This slogan in quality...
Vladimir Aleksandrovich Zelensky
Last position: President of Ukraine (President of Ukraine)
Maria Zakharova
Last position: Director of the department of information and press (Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation)
Olaf Sholts
Last position: Federal chancellor (Government of Federative Republic of Germany)
Zbignev Tadeush Ziobro
Last position: Minister (Ministry of Justice of Republic of Poland)
Joseph Goebbels