Ex-football players combined Russian Federation and stars of the Argentina league of streamers — on "Fidzhital Igrakh" to Kazan!

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From May 16 to May 19 to Kazan will pass "Fidzhital Igry". In Academy of tennis the international tournament on fidzhital-soccer with participation of 8 teams from 6 countries will take place. Among participants there are a lot of known football players and cyberathletes. The most star structure was collected by team of Klaudia Zamora from Moscow. For it the former football players will play combined Russian Federation and JOINT-STOCK COMPANY "FC "SPARTAK-MOSKVA" Roman Aleksandrovich Shishkin and Sheshukov Alexander, and also one more ex-Spartacist Ryzhkov Wladyslaw. In didzhital-part of competitions they will be able to count on the owner of the Russian Cup-2022 on interactive soccer Skuratov Pavel. "In the direction fidzhital is...
Klaudia Zamora
Last position: The professional athlete on mixed martial arts
Sheshukov Alexander
Ryzhkov Wladyslaw
Skuratov Pavel
Main activity:Culture and sports
Football club "Penyarol"
Main activity:Culture and sports
Football club "Tsrvena Zvezda"
Main activity:Culture and sports
Football club "Atletiko Madrid"
Main activity:Culture and sports
Spanish "Barcelona"
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