Mikhail Yefimovich Shvydkoy estimated recent shifts in the management of museums at Russian Federation

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The special representative President of the Russian Federation on the international cultural cooperation Mikhail Yefimovich Shvydkoy in conversation with information agency "ITAR-TASS" estimated the last personnel shifts in the leading museums Russian Federation. In his opinion, it is impossible to call them a tendency, and each appointment has different motivation. By words Mikhail Yefimovich Shvydkoy, the new general director the Russian museums Alla Manilova wanted to return long ago to Saint Petersburg, and his former director Vladimir Aleksandrovich Gusev understood that it is better for it to be the president. "contract comes to an end, people look for the any ways. In a case with Marina Loshak I consider that she looks for the further development. Perhaps...
Alla Manilova
Main activity:Politician
Marina Loshak
Main activity:Official
Mikhail Yefimovich Shvydkoy
Last position: The special representative of the President on the international cultural cooperation (Presidential Administration of the Russian Federation)
Vladimir Aleksandrovich Gusev
Main activity:Official
Zelfira Tregulova
Main activity:Cultural worker