"Solaris", "Armageddon", "Contact" and 7 more movies about space

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"Solaris", "Armageddon", whether "Contact" and 7 more movies about space Become space tourism sometime mass, nobody knows, but these movies about subjugators of the Galaxy will help to be prepared morally for flight "2001: Space Odyssey" "Solaris" "Apollo 13" "Contact" "Armageddon" "In search of the Galaxy" "Gravitation" "Interstellar" "Martian" "The person on the Moon" 1. "2001: Space Odyssey" the Director Kubrik Stenli, 1968 Advertising on daily business newspaper "RBK daily" www.adv.rbc.ru the Sci-fi movie Kubrik Stenli is shot on the basis of the story Arthur C. Clarke "Sentry" of 1951. It immerses the viewer in reflections...