Example. "Barcelona" crushed "Elche" "Real", broke "Valladolid", "Atletiko" was won by "Betis"

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The schedule and results of matches of the 27th round "Malyork's" Examples — "Osasuna" 0:0 Match of the 27th round of the championship of Spain between "Malyorka" and "Osasuna" came to the end in a draw 0:0. Rivals could not strike a collar of each other. All efforts of teams to open the account in a match were not crowned with success. Let's note that "Malyorka" finished a match in minority because of removal Kopete José. Championship of Spain. Malyork's 27th round — Osasuna 0:0 "Malyorka": Raykovich, Maffeo, Railyo, Gonsalez, Kopete José, Costa, Rodriges Dani, Sanches Ruben, Li Kan In (Nastasich, 76), Ruiz de Galarreta, Woman, Muriki (Kadevere, 76) "Osasuna": Herrera...