Somnolog Roman Buzunov gave advice to workers who leave in night shifts

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Somnolog Roman Buzunov gave advice to workers who Those who works at night leave in night shifts, have to treat more carefully health, one couple of hours prior to work they are recommended to have a sleep. What else receptions will help to transfer easier a night shift without consequences for an organism, Roman Buzunov told RIA LLC "FederalPress" somnolog. The expert advises coffee, tea and other tonics to use at the beginning of change. On the first three – six hours are desirable to organize bright light on a workplace. During night work it is better to refuse dense meals and well to sleep in the afternoon, it is necessary...
Roman Buzunov
Last position: The sleep doctor, professorkafedra of family medicine with courses of clinical laboratory diagnostics, psychiatry and psychotherapy (FEDERAL STATE-FINANCED INSTITUTION DPO "TSGMA")
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