Military operation in Ukraine. Main thing

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Victor Orban declared possible discussion of sending peacekeepers of EU as helps to Ukraine, in the General Staff declared that do not plan a new wave of mobilization. The main thing about the latest events — in material daily business newspaper "RBK daily" * Dollar/Ruble USD/RUB ₽77,578%2B0,65% to Buy Euro/Ruble EUR/RUB ₽84,530%2B0,18 to % to Buy the Photo: Ogirenko Valentine / information agency "Reuters" the Main thing by 16:50 Moscow time Vladimir Putin reported that approved new edition of the Concept of foreign policy Russian Federation. The flagman project in the XXI century in it called transformation of Eurasia in "uniform all-continental space of the world, stability, mutual trust, developments and prosperity...
Vladimir Putin
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