schools on Bagration will cease to discuss a question of construction monthly in Duma of Irkutsk

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Deputies of City thought Irkutsk will monthly not consider any more a question of a course of constructions schools on Bagration. This offer was sounded by the deputy Korenev Youri. The speaker of City thought Irkutsk Eugenie Stekachev noted that considering that consideration of the matter is included in the plan of work of City thought Irkutsk, the chairman of committee on property and economic policy will disqualify a question referring to the decision made at today's deputy hearings, writes information agency "IrkutskMedia". By the way, today, on March 29 a question of a course of constructions discussed at deputy hearings of City thought Irkutsk...
Igor Ivanovich Kobzev
Last position: Governor of the Irkutsk region
Eugenie Stekachev
Last position: Chairman (Council of Irkutsk)
Aleksey Nikolaevich Krasnoshtanov
Last position: The deputy, the Member of the committee under the budget and taxes (State Duma of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation)
Zybaylo Alexander
Kharitonov Eugenie