At Kiev there is no moral right to select Monastery, the archpriest] declare

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Moscow, 29 Mar – Federal state unitary enterprise RAMI "RIA Novosti". The Ukrainian authorities have no moral right to take away that was returned to it at the time of the USSR from Church, and selecting Kiev Pechersk Lavra, they put an equal-sign among themselves and the bogoborchesky Soviet power of 20-h-30-h of the XX century, declared interrogated Federal state unitary enterprise RAMI "RIA Novosti" priests. At the beginning of March the National historical and cultural reserve "Kiev Pechersk Lavra" which is under control to Ministry of Culture of Ukraine, declared that dissolves contracts rents with a monastery and demanded by March 29 "to free all rooms which were transferred to a monastery on the specified...
Vladimir Gundyaev (Kirill)
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