Mean and hypocritical: true essence Boris Korchevnikov any more secret

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Boris Korchevnikov the Leader crossed road to the known actor. Boris Korchevnikov irritates recently many representatives of the Russian show business. Especially those who ran away from Russian Federation in search of the justice. However Valery Meladze hated the leader still before left the country. Two reasons became a reason for such relation at once. Boris Korchevnikov interviewed at Carolyn Kuek which blackened a name Konstantin Meladze, and the former wife has Valery Meladze Malukhina Irina. In YouTube-show "it is careful: Sobchak! " the performer explained the hatred. "Boris Korchevnikov more meanly. For its such...
Valery Meladze
Last position: Singer, actor, producer, TV host
Boris Korchevnikov
Last position: CEO, general producer (LLC "SPAS TV")
Carolyn Kuek (Ani Lorak)
Last position: Singer
Konstantin Meladze
Last position: Composer, poet-song writer
Malukhina Irina
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