The weather forecaster warned Muscovites about a partly cloudy and rains during week-end

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In the forthcoming days off in Moscow it is worth expecting rains. The chief of the situational center Federal Service for Hydrometeorology and Environmental Monitoring Youri Varakin. According to the weather forecaster, rainy weather and a set of clouds to the capital will be brought by the Scandinavian or Atlantic cyclones. "The same concerns the northwest Russian Federation – rains will not avoid Saint Petersburg, Pskov Region, Novgorod Region, Tver Region and Smolensk Region", – Youri Varakin added. The weather forecaster noted, what even at such weather temperature will rise to 10–12 degrees that on 5–7 degrees exceeds norm. "But in the back this cyclone will have a sharp fall...
Youri Varakin
Last position: Chief of the Situational center (Federal state-financed institution "Hydrometeorological center Russia")
Alexander Shuvalov
Last position: Head of the predictive center "Meteo" (LLC "AVM BRAND")
Vedyashkin Sergei