Gladilin Valery about absence Aleksey Miranchuk and Alexander Golovin in a national team

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The former football player and the trainer JOINT-STOCK COMPANY "FC "SPARTAK-MOSKVA" Gladilin Valery declared that it will be interesting to it to look at game at combined Russian Federation without football players of starting rotation. "If there would be an official match, it would be loss. But it is a friendly match, other football players will be looked through here. Without them to look at a play of the team — it very much even is interesting" — quotes Gladilin Valery information portal "Gazeta.Ru". Earlier it became known that on March collecting because of injuries there will not arrive Football club "Torino" Aleksey Miranchuk, the midfielder of French of "Monaco" Alexander Golovin, and also the captain combined Russian Federation Georgy Dzhikiya...
Alexander Golovin
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Aleksey Miranchuk
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Georgy Dzhikiya
Last position: The professional athlete on soccer (JOINT-STOCK COMPANY "FC "SPARTAK-MOSKVA")
Gladilin Valery
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Футбольный клуб "Торино"
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