Waiting for continuation of "Father's daughters" we found out how characters in the Hollywood version of series could look

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Recently cinema-men pleasantly dumfounded the audience news: the series "Father's Daughters" will receive continuation in 2023. To us is not suffered to learn any more how there was a destiny at favourite characters. And that expectation did not seem such tiresome, we decided to engage in hooliganism a little: with help Artificial intelligence found out how the main characters if there was also the Hollywood version of series could look. Vasnetsov Sergei — Brendan James Fraser Masha — Taylor Anna - Joy Darya — Jenna Marie Ortega Galina Sergeevna — the Maya Khouk Eugenia — Milli Bobby Brown the Button — McCann Grace Antonina — Ketlin Doyl Beyts Tamara —...
Leonardo Di Kaprio
Last position: Actor
Dzhona Hill Feldshteyn
Last position: Actor, producer, screenwriter, director
Timothy Khel Shalame
Last position: Actor
Jenna Marie Ortega
Last position: Actress