Konoplina Paulina - the winner Pervenstva Russian Federation!

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To Perm passes Superiority Russian Federation on rock-climbing. On March 19 winners in discipline "to a lasagna were defined on difficulty". Athletes competed from March 17 to March 19. At juniors 28 people applied for medals. 10 the strongest following the results of qualification passed in the final. The best pro-manhole in this round was made by Konoplina Paulina (Republic of Bashkortostan). It broke in attempt to take the 35th hook (34%2B). It is the first success sportswomen on Superiority Russian Federation! One interception less Korosteleva Eve (Saint Petersburg) made the silver prize-winner. Its result - 33%2B. She achieved similar success two years ago. For...
Zhukov Leonid
Konoplina Paulina
Glotova Darya
Korosteleva Eve
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