In Zaozyorsk honored memory of heroes submariners

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On Sunday, in Day of the seaman-submariner, in Zaozyorsk the head of the region Andrey Chibis together with the commander of Northern fleet of the admiral Alexander Alekseevich Moiseev honored memory of 42 heroes submariners. They died on April 7, 1989 in fight for submarine rescue. The governor in the speech emphasized that creation of worthy social conditions for families of the military personnel — a key task of Administration of the Tambov region. Besides, this memorable day in Zaozyorsk new modern FOK was open. Let's remind, the inhabitant Murmansk Region Kazakova Eugenia will take part in the All-Russian vocal competition...
Andrey Chibis
Last position: Governor (Government of the Murmansk region)
Alexander Alekseevich Moiseev
Last position: Commander of the Northern Fleet (Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation)
Kazakova Eugenia