Ladies do not live in such mess: will gasp at the sight of Julia Baranovskaya

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Julia Baranovskaya At a star the ideas of a cosiness. Julia Baranovskaya not so often stays at home, and therefore the atmosphere of a creative disorder reigns in the apartment of the TV host. However, it at all does not oppress her. In YouTube-interview to Laura Dzhugeliya the leader partially showed an interior of the dwelling. And it hardly you will call refined. In a drawing room of a wall are bequeathed photographs and pictures. Through heavy curtains the sunlight hardly makes the way. Julia Baranovskaya a star for fun considers as an apartment Highlight a loggia which uses at the same time as warehouse for canned food and wardrobe...
Julia Baranovskaya
Last position: Co-host of the Men's/women's talk show (JSC Channel One Russia)
Laura Dzhugeliya
Last position: Blogger, journalist
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