Alena Vodonaeva reminded of the relation of Marina Abrosimova to work after the broken concert to Sochi

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The former participant of "Dom-2" Alena Vodonaeva commented on the broken concert of the singer of Marina Abrosimova to Sochi. It published shots from speech of the actress with the comment. Alena Vodonaeva remembered as it, any a time ago, even before hospitalization of Marina Abrosimova with Koronavirus, scarified the relation of the singer to work. Star of reality show it is transparent hinted at alcoholism of the actress. She called it the pause reason in star career. Then on Alena Vodonaeva admirers of Marina Abrosimova snatched. Therefore this time she decided not to make loud statements. "Oh, I, as *** remember me her fans (to history from it...
Alyona Vodonaeva
Last position: Russian TV host, blogger
Marina Abrosimova (MakSim)
Last position: Singer, composer