"Metallurgist" helped "Vanguard" to beat Bouchez's double. The account in a series - 2:0

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Within a match of the second round Playoffs of the Cup of Gagarin Hockey club "Avangard" managed to win a victory in opposition with "Metallurgist" from Magnitogorsk with the score 4:3. The match passed on a platform in Omsk. The account in a series a playoffs became 2:0 in favor of "Vanguard". The main hero of a match stalrid Reed Bushe who was marked out by a double as a part of "Vanguard". Also zabrasyvalipavel Dedunovialeks Broadkherst. As a part of "Metallurgist" of washers zabrosilipavel Pavel Akolzin, Grigory Antonovich Dronov Dronovinikita Nikita Korostelev ". " - "Metallurgist" 4:3 (3:0, 0:2, 1:1) Washers threw vanguard: 1:0 Pavel Dedunov (Malykhin, Zharkov) - 05:26 2:0 Broadkherst...