"It is an ideal point". Yokhannes Tines Be — about a victory in final race of a season in the World Cup

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The fivefold Olympic champion, the 17-fold world champion the Norwegian biathlonist Yokhannes Tines Be commented on a victory in mass start on 15 km at the final stage of the World Cup of a season-2022/2023 in Holmenkollena (Norway). "It is an ideal point. It is very pleasant to have opportunity to finish a season a victory and to have rather high motivation really to achieve it" — Yokhannes Tines Be VG quote. Biathlon. World Cup, ninth stage, Holmenkollen. Mass start, 15 km. Men 1. Yokhannes Tines Be (Norway) — 38.51,9 (2 misses). 2 . Nicklas Hartweg (Switzerland) — lag of 26,2 seconds (0). 3 . Vetle...
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