The orphan at live relatives: Sergei Sosedov totally carried close Stanislas Pyatrasovich Pyekha

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Sergei Sosedov the Musical critic considers that the performer could be died in a different way. Stanislas Pyatrasovich Pyekha always said that grew in loneliness and it since the childhood did not have enough parental heat and attention. Sergei Sosedov at all considers that relatives spat on the participant of "Factory of stars". In the documentary film on TsTV told that the father of the performer left a family, and mother and the grandmother wanted to spit on the guy. The child, in fact, was brought up not by dear people, as poured out in future dependence and other failures. "Mother, Ilona, tried to promote. It had different husbands. Boy often...
Sergei Sosedov
Last position: Musical critic
Stanislas Pyatrasovich Pyekha (Stanislas Pyekha )
Last position: Singer, poet, poet-song writer, stylist-hairdresser, actor, TV host
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