Korneev Igor: "I can present Daler Kuzyaev in Spanish or the Italian club"

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The former sports director of "Zenith" Korneev Igor does not consider that at the halfback Daler Kuzyaev the motivation as in the summer he is going to leave Petersburg club was gone. — It does not seem to you, what because of history with contract Daler Kuzyaev somehow drooped? — Never noticed that Daler Kuzyaev did not give all the best in the field. Yes, there are sometimes not really successful games. However never saw that it was not motivated and plays carelessly. It at all about it! The situation with contract presses on Daler Kuzyaev? It does not agree. — Daler Kuzyaev wants to go to Europe. You can present it, say, to Italy, Spain? — Yes. Daler Kuzyaev...
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