Combined OGPU on a pedestal of competitions in chir-sports

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14.03.2023 10:42 In JOINT-STOCK COMPANY "SPORTS PALACE "OLIMPIYSKY" on March 12 passed the Championship and Superiority Orenburg Region on chir-sports. Part was taken by athletes from Orenburg, Clear, Sol-Iletsk, Orsk and Buzuluk. The team of ORENBURG STATE PEDAGOGICAL UNIVERSITY; FEDERAL STATE-FUNDED EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTION FOREIGN ECONOMIC ASSOCIATION "OGPU" successfully made a speech as Step Up at competitions, having taken 1 place in discipline chir-freestyle, the 3rd place in discipline the chir-jazz. Line-up: Tukbulatova Rigina, Ablyazova Diana, Dautova Victoria, Shkonda Darya, Borisenko Anastasia, Abrarov Rimma, Mambetova Alina, Yefremova Irina, Karankevich Anastasia, Vorobyeva Valeria. Trainer: Oleynik Julia ...
Tukbulatova Rigina
Ablyazova Diana
Dautova Victoria
Shkonda Darya
Borisenko Anastasia