In "Torino" called the term of restoration Aleksey Miranchuk after a trauma

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The halfback of Italian Football club "Torino" Aleksey Miranchuk has to be restored after a trauma within ten days. It was declared on March 18 "to newspaper "Sport-express"" by the sports director of club Vanyati Davide. "Restoration Aleksey Miranchuk after a trauma will take about ten days" — told Vanyati Davide. As earlier reported information agency "REGNUM", Aleksey Miranchuk because of a trauma will pass friendly matches combined Russian Federation with teams Iran (on March 23) and Iraq (on March 26). On March 17 Aleksey Miranchuk was included in structure of the national team Russian Federation on March collecting...
Aleksey Miranchuk
Last position: The professional athlete on soccer (Football club Torino)
Vanyati Davide
Kovalev Petr
Футбольный клуб "Торино"
Main activity:Culture and sports