Drunk the namesake of the Russian actor crashed into a column

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The police Moscow Region detained Maxime Aleksandrovich Galkin (it is recognized as the foreign agent to Russian Federation – an editor's note), being in a state of intoxication at a wheel. The car owner crashed into a column. The day before to Shchyolkovo the man, driving BMW came out to the territory of Non-commercial horticultural association "Medvezhyi Ozera". On one of road sites the car owner lost control and flew in the column standing on a roadside. To a scene there arrived militiamen. As it became clear, the man operated the vehicle, being drunk. The violator was full the namesake of the Russian actor – Maxime Aleksandrovich Galkin...
Maxime Aleksandrovich Galkin
Last position: The leader of children's show of talents "Is best of all" (JSC Channel One Russia)