Benjamin Netanyahu received the offer from above

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The president Israel interfered with a course of judicial reforms Benjamin Netanyahu judicial reform, caused mass protests, can lead Israel to civil war, the president of the country Khertsog Itskhak warned. Why passions were so heated, understood daily business newspaper "RBK daily" That Khertsog Itskhak the President offered Israel Khertsog Itskhak declared that fierce fight for judicial reform put Israel on a side of an abyss and civil war. "Any who thinks that the real civil war with human victims — is line which we never will be able to reach, no concept has, about what it...
Benjamin Netanyahu
Main activity:Politician
Yair Lapid
Last position: Chairman of the party ("Yesh Atid")
Olaf Sholts
Last position: Federal chancellor (Government of Federative Republic of Germany)
Ярив Левин
Main activity:Politician
Khertsog Itskhak
"Yesh Atid"
Political ideology:Liberalism.
Tel-Avivsky university
Main activity:Science and education
Political ideology:National liberalism, Zionism revisionism.
Mayor's office goroda
Government Agency