Chapters of Ministry State defenses Japan, United Kingdom and Italy confirmed partnership in fighter creation

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Ministry State defenses Japan the Photo from a site BY-SA 3.0) on March 16, 2023, – the Minister of Defence Yaponiiyasukadzu Hamad, its British kollegaben Robert Ben Lobban Uolles and glavaminoborony during taken place on Thursday to Tokyo negotiations confirmed with Italiiguido Krozetto cooperation of three countries in the sphere of development the fighter of the sixth generation. About it soobshchayettass with reference to material, Ministry State defenses Japan. At Hamad's meeting declared that interaction during creation of a new warplane "becomes the base for various cooperation of three countries...
Guido Krozetto
Last position: Minister (Ministry of Defence of Republic of Italy)
Robert Ben Lobban Uolles
Last position: Minister (Ministry of Defence of United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland)
Yasukadzu Khamada
Last position: Minister (Ministry defenses Japan)