In Yakutsk reindeer breeders of the world were divided on western and east because of an international situation

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Yakutsk, on March 16, LLC "FederalPress". Reindeer Breeders of the World association because of the international political situation declared division into two offices – east and western. The first will include 20 reindeer-breeding regions Russian Federation, and also China and Mongolia. In the second – the countries to the west of border Russian Federation, the president of association Sergei Nikolaevich Kharyuchi in the international traditional reindeer breeding championship within presidency declared Russian Federation in Arctic Council in 2021-2023. "To our colleagues reindeer breeders from the countries Scandinavia, State of Alaska, Canada forbade to communicate today with us because of an international situation. But we...
Sergei Nikolaevich Kharyuchi
Last position: Deputy head of United Russia fraction (Legislative Assembly of the Yamalo-Nenets autonomous district)
Pankratova Darya
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