"Beautiful Manechka": Fedor Dobronravov congratulated Maria Aronova happy birthday

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On March 11 the national actress Russian Federation Maria Aronova celebrates birthday. The FAN joined other congratulations the national actor Russian Federation, her colleague on cinema and a scene Fedor Dobronravov. "Nickname", "A gold eagle" and "Crystal Turandot" At Maria Aronova a set of awards and regalia: since 1994 the actress receives more and more prestigious. The actress received the first serious award in 1994: then Maria Aronova became the winner of the State award Russian Federation of K. S. Stanislavsky. Further the awards "Crystal Turandot" (1998), "Nickname" (2007) and "A gold eagle" (2007, 2021, 2022) followed. In 2012 actress...