Dasaev Rinat and Igor Akinfeev entered a rating of the best goalkeepers of the world since 1987

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Dasaev Rinat takes the 37th place in top-50 goalkeepers of the world according to the International federation of football history and statistics. Igor Akinfeev settled down on the 47th line of a rating. The Italian Dzhanluidzhi Buffon Mazokko became the best goalkeeper of the world for the last 35 years. On the second and third places — the Spaniard Iker Kasilyas Fernandes and the German Manoel Noyer...
Igor Akinfeev
Last position: the professional athlete on soccer (JOINT-STOCK COMPANY "PFK TSSKA")
Dzhanluidzhi Buffon Mazokko
Main activity:Athlete
Iker Kasilyas Fernandes
Last position: Deputy CEO of fund (FC Real Madrid)
Manoel Neuer
Last position: The professional athlete on soccer (Football club "Bavariya" Munich)
Dasaev Rinat