The blogger of Nekoglay met Dmitry Ilyich Gordon Gordon *

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The popular blogger Nikolay of "Nekoglay" Lebedev whom deported from Russian Federation and later put on the wanted list, met in Ukraine the Ukrainian leader Dmitry Ilyich Gordon (it is recognized to Russian Federation inoagenty and it is entered in the list of terrorists and extremists). It published a roller in the TikTok (resurs narushaet zakon RF). The roller was removed on the same day when Nekoglay arrived to Kiev where presented to armed forces Ukraine five thrones and car. Dmitry Ilyich Gordon in the social networks announced interview to the blogger. In January of Nekoglay on one of strimov promised to spend $100 thousand for purchases thrones for VSU and personally to transfer them to hands. Nekoglay...
Nicholas Lebedev (Nekoglay)
Last position: Blogger, streamer, gamer
Dimitri Ilyich Gordon
Last position: Editor-in-chief of the Gordon Boulevard newspaper
Catherina Mizulina
Yelena Mizulina
Last position: Senator from executive body of the government of the Omsk region (Council of Federation of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation)