Kilian Mbappe Lotten established a record in the championship France
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Attacking "PSG" to Kilian Mbappe Lotten became the youngest player in the history, managed to score 150 goals in the championship France, reports Opta Sports. On days off it issued a double in a match of the 24th round of League 1 with "Lille" (4:3). It allowed it to reach a point in 150 heads at the age of 24 years and two months. The three enter Zhyust Louie Fonten who showed such result in 1959 at the age of 26 years and two months and Herve Revelli (1972, 26 years and three months). In the current season Kilian Mbappe Lotten scored 27 goals and made six assists in 28 games for "PSG" in various tournaments...
Kilian Mbappe Lotten
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Herve Revelli
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