To Astrakhan Region will celebrate the 100 anniversary since birth Geydar Aliev

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To Astrakhan Region will pass a cycle of the actions devoted to the 100 anniversary since the birth of the national leader of the Azerbaijani people Geydar Aliev. According to the press service of the governor, for preparation and carrying out action the organizing committee into which members Regionalnoye government, representatives of municipalities, educational institutions and the public entered is created. The relevant documents are signed by the governor Igor Babushkin. As the minister of external relations noted Astrakhan Region Golovkov Vladimir, the offer to hold the events dated for a memorial, Igor Babushkin...
Igor Babushkin
Last position: Governor of the Astrakhan region (Governor of the Astrakhan region)
Ilkham Aliev
Last position: President of the Azerbaijan Republic (President of Azerbaijan Republic)
Golovkov Vladimir
Farzaliev Abdin
Main activity:Science and education
Azerbaijani state university oil and industry
Main activity:Science and education
Regionalnoye government
Government Agency